What to Wear to College Graduation

Nervous about what to wear to college graduation? 

Here’s our advice on what to wear to college graduation to help you navigate teen trends and sophisticated grown up looks.

What to Wear to College Graduation

June is coming up quick and that means that there will be a lot of graduations to go to. The proper wardrobe for graduation is something that has to be considered by both the graduate and the guests that will be attending the graduation. 
College graduations are particularly momentous occasions as they mark a young person’s entry into the adult world. In this article, we will take a look at what to wear to college graduation. 

For Graduates:

If you are going to be graduating from college, you need to think about wearing something that is practical and fashionable. Graduations tend to take a long time, so you want to make sure you are comfortable during this period. Also, because you will not be able to carry a purse, you should think about wearing something with pockets so you can store your belongings. Think of an outfit that will easily store your phone, some money, and whatever else you may need to have on hand. 

Many graduates might think that they don’t have to wear something impressive to graduation because their outfits will be hidden under their robes, but this is not the case. Plenty of pictures will be taken before and after graduation, which will include those where the graduate is not wearing a robe. Therefore, it is important to think about teen trends and wear an outfit that is the height of fashion if you want to make a splash. 

Graduates should also consider that they may be going out after graduation and may not have time to change before they do. Therefore, outfits should be cute and formal enough to suit the occasion, but also fun enough for a night out on the town. Taking all this into consideration, here are some great outfit recommendations. 


Dresses are always a perfect choice. Go for one that is sleek enough so that it will not be bulky under your robe. For length, consider something that is relatively short so that it does not stick out of the bottom of your robe, giving a sloppy appearance. 

A mid-calf length may work, but no longer than that. Bright colors and florals are great for giving off a fun, cute vibe that can work for the day or nighttime. Basic black is another great choice.  Styles can include off the shoulder looks, spaghetti straps, or a tank style dress. 


While you are in your robe, your footwear will be one of the only visible items that represent your sense of fashion. It may be tempting to wear heels, but they can be a bit over the top considering the occasion and could also cause you to trip while walking across the stage for your diploma. 

Flats can be a bit too casual. For the perfect compromise, go for a pair of wedges with 2 to 3-inch heels. That way, you will be following the hottest teen trends while maintaining the perfect level of comfort. 


When considering hairstyles, one must remember that their hair will be tucked under their graduations caps for a good part of the day. Avoid putting hair up or styling it in such a way that it will interfere with your cap. It is best to go for a soft, flowing wavy look. 


While most accessories will be covered under your robe, they can brighten up your outfit for celebrating later in the day. Be careful not to wear large earrings that may get caught on your cap, but an elegant ring or graduation-themed bracelet will work well, adding an air of sophistication to your look. A quirky necklace will work as a super cute accessory as well.

It can get expensive buying outfits and accessories for graduation, some of which you may never even wear again. Consider consigning your dress or selling it through an app afterward! Wholesale clothing is sold by retailers at a markup, so consider shopping online for an affordable solution, which offers a variety of color and style options. 

For the Attendees:

If you will be attending a graduation, you want to look formal for the event without overdoing it. You also don’t want to outshine the graduate. Starting with a dark or solid colored dress or a jumper can be a good idea. 

If you prefer to opt for a two-piece outfit, a pair of wide legged pants or skirt can work with a blouse or even a tank top. Although pieces may vary from each other in color, solids are the way to go. Detailing like buttons or ruffles can work to create style interest. 


When thinking about footwear, you should consider where the ceremony will be held. If it’s going to be held in a grassy area, surfaces could be difficult to walk on and can even be wet. Therefore, think of wearing a shoe with a lower, thicker heel that won’t be ruined by coming into contact with a bit of moisture. A wedge can be a great choice for attendees as well as graduates. 


Complete the look with a couple of nice pieces. Because this is a special time for friends and family, something large and outrageous can be distasteful. You might even wear something given to you by the graduate to show how proud you are of them. 

A graduation is a joyous time for many families. However, many may stress about what to wear for college graduation. Hopefully this article has provided you with a number of options so that your graduation experience is as pleasant as possible and you can enjoy this special occasion with your friends and family. Here’s to wishing all graduates good luck in their future endeavors!


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